A Teen explores the Canon

Last week Jacob explored the Gospel.  This week…

Why are the books that are in the Bible, the ones that are in?  Why are other ones not in?  Why were those put in?  These questions relate to the Dating and authorship of these books.  Starting with the Pentateuch Jacob looks at these questions.

A Teen looks at the Gospel…

Last week Jacob examined the Genesis Flood.

What is the gospel?  What does it mean to ‘believe’ or ‘have faith’?  Was their ‘law’ in the Old Testament and ‘grace’ in the New Testament?  Jacob looks at these questions through the story of Abraham

Next week Jacob examines why the books of the Bible are the ones there. Why not others?  Why these?

A Teen explores the Flood

Last week we explored natural selection & evolution, a pre-requisite to this week. The link to that is here.

This week we explore the meaning of fossils in regard to Geologic column and The Flood

Next Jacob explores what the gospel is – in the example of Abraham