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Does God Exist? Does He bless?

Recently I had the privilege of doing a public presentation at McMaster University entitled “Does God Exist?  Does He bless?”.  A friend of mine video recorded it and I have the presentation finally uploaded.  I have the 1 hour presentation segmented into different videos.  (If you prefer to watch the entire presentation as one video please go here.)

Old Testament: A fully backed up library

The first (9 minute) section,  gives an overview of authorship and the manuscript textual basis supporting the Old Testament, emphasizing the implications of the Dead Dea Scrolls to this question.  I start here because in later sections I will show the interplay of themes, where signs point to events hundreds of years before they occur as evidence that a Divine Being has sent a message in the books of the Bible.  The information in this first section is foundational to appreciate this.

The Riddle of the Binding of Isaac

This section (14 min) probes into the riddle of the binding of Isaac.  I show that this is a message that is acted out and this message is coordinated by events thousands of years later – showing that no human mind could be behind the message.  It is a Signed message from God pointing to sacrifice of Jesus – at the very same spot.

The Passover Riddle

The next (13 minute) section shows the account of the first Passover, at the time of Moses, as a Sign pointing to the sacrificial death of Jesus 1500 years later.  It is such a Sign because this events inaugurates the Jewish calendar and starts an annual festival, called Passover, where Jews killed a lamb in memory of the blood of the lambs of this first passover that saved them from death.  Jesus was executed precisely on that same day.  It is too much of a stretch to say that by coincidence that the man, entitled the Lamb of God, would have his blood save us from death on that very same day.

Ancient & Modern Witness Outside the Bible

The obvious rebuttal to the thrust of my argument in the above sections is that the Gospel accounts of Jesus were made up to ‘fit’ these Signs.  But we have secular historians, outside the Bible, that affirm the historicity of where and when Jesus was sacrificed. (12 min)

Dr. Dave Brock’s Story

Dave Brock, a chemistry prof at McMaster shares his personal story of his journey from atheism to trust in Jesus in this 5 minute section.

Conclusion: Your opportunity to Respond

In this 2 minute conclusion to the evening I give an opportunity to respond, like Dave Brock did, to the invitation of Jesus

Here is a short article explaining the meaning of the sacrifice of Jesus in the Gospel

5 thoughts on “Does God Exist? Does He bless?”

  1. God bless you Ragnar. The Lord has given you insights, wisdom and a passion to endorse the truth of the Gospel of Jesus in your world and to your generation. Praise the Lord!

    1. Hello Henry

      Thank you for your gracious comment. Since this site is open to all views, reviews and comments I will gladly take a ‘God Bless you’. It is strange the twists and turns that one takes in the journey of life. As I mention in my story, I did not always carry the insights that I do today. I had the unusual experience (opportunity?) to learn how to study the Bible in a High School I attended. So perhaps God Bless to those who pushed me more than I always liked back then.

      1. God bless you Ragnar, God will continue to give you knowledge and the blessings of the lord will never leave your life, Amen

  2. Blessing is wrongly preached by many in this materialistic world often by powerful religious leader from various society so far as I saw and listen , Blessing dose not mean pouring huge wealth and money in your life . Blessing is unconditional love showered by god on every living being . Only love and kindness make oneself happy which is the ultimate purpose of life .

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