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2012 in review … anticipating 2013

ConsidertheGospel went public a year ago – Jan 2, 2012.  All in all it has been a rather good year.  There were over 19 000 pageviews through 2012.  The trend has been one of general growth as can be shown by the figure which shows pageviews of 2012 by month.  The month of December had almost 3000 pageviews.

PageViews by month


The Top 5 Posts of 2012 were

1) What about Human evolution?

2) Assessing the Book: Considering the Textual Reliability of the Bible

3) News Pregnant with Hope: Considering the Death & Resurrection of Jesus

4) The Passover Sign of Moses

5) The Sign of Abraham’s Sacrifice

Plan for 2013

I hope to continue writing 3-4 articles per month in the various topics that deal with the Gospel.  If you want to know when an article is published you can subscribe by email (on the right-side of the screen) or you can follow me on twitter (@ragnaroborn) where I tweet when a post is published.

Encourage others to Consider the Gospel

The Gospel is a message that deserves our full attention and consideration.  If you want to encourage your friends to also consider the gospel, ‘like’ it on Facebook and your FB friends can become aware of this site.  Then they too can also enter into the rich tapestry of engaging with the Gospel.

Happy New Year and may 2013 be one where the gospel can grow in your heart and mine.

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