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My first Post: Why this site?

Well, this is my first post.  So I thought it would be appropriate to describe why I put this site together.  In About Me I explained why and how the Gospel had become relevant to me.  And so I began in a serious way to investigate it.  Upon returning to Canada to pursue Forest Engineering (in which I obtained a Bachelors and then a Masters of Science) I found that many of my classmates and dormmates, though they were not particularly interested in church or Christianity, had good questions about the Bible and Jesus.  So I began sharing the things that I had been learning in small discussion groups.  My friends and I would investigate the person of Jesus through the Bible in many different informal ways.

After graduation I worked on the campus as a software developer, specializing in forestry mathematical modeling.  Being on campus, I continued to cultivate discussion groups geared primarily for non-religious people who still were interested in exploring the Gospel.  I began complementing the discussion groups by giving public presentations on the campus.

In doing this for many years, and in talking to hundreds of people, I came to see that many other people, just like I had years earlier, had an interest in understanding what the Gospel was about, whether it could be critically examined, and ultimately whether it would be embraced.  I made many life-long friends, among those who also accepted the Gospel as I had done, as well as those who chose not to.  But the spiritual journeys and discussions we had were life-giving to us all.  Humans are meant to ask these types of questions.

I started to wonder if there was a way to disseminate this information and this journeying experience in a broader way.  But the Gospel, being a worldview, encompasses such a broad range of domains, that it is difficult to find a venue to grapple with it.   Books are limiting in that they have a linear, one-way flow of content.  But with the introduction of a relatively easy-to-use blogging platforms, and with the encouragement of a few friends, I thought it was perhaps time to try.

So the Sessions and the FAQs that I will be putting up are largely the result of the many presentations, discussion groups, and conversations and questions that have come my way in interacting with so many people from so many different points-of-view in a pluralistic university setting.  If this site proves to be of any interest to you, thank my friends who have challenged, interacted, listened and asked right along with me over the years.  My hope is that perhaps this site will help you to see abit more clearly what the Good News of this narrow path is all about, so that you will be in a more informed position to decide if this is indeed a path that you want to embark upon – that this will spur you also to Consider the Gospel.

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