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FAQs are questions or issues that are commonly asked about some aspect of the Gospel/Bible.  FAQs often deal with some objection or puzzle on a specific aspect of one of the topics covered by a session.  Thus there is a relationship between the FAQs and the Sessions.  For example, Session 3 (The Textual Reliability of the Bible) lays out in a systematic way the background information one needs to properly understand and assess the textual integrity of the Bible.  The FAQ about Constantine corrupting/changing the gospel touches on an aspect of this topic so they are related.  So you will find links in each of these connecting them to the other.  FAQs are often shorter and more pointed than a session, though some will also have short videos that support them.
I will be adding FAQs as time permits.  They come from the questions that I have asked as I considered the gospel, as well as from the many questions that have been asked of me as I have interacted with others.   You can also pose an FAQ in the Contact page and I will endeavour to list it in the FAQs.